Montana’s industries need employees who are trained at the work they’ve been hired for.

Partnering with the Department of Labor & Industry to sponsor your own Montana Registered Apprenticeship program will ensure your employees are receiving the most comprehensive up-to-date and thorough on-the-job training needed to join Montana’s workforce, tailored to your company’s needs.

The benefits of having an in-house Montana Registered Apprenticeship program include:

  • Teaching your labor force the methods and skills you need for your company.
  • Utilizing your business knowledge to further educate Montana’s high school graduates.
  • Potentially qualifying for state tax benefits or other financial incentives.
  • Join almost 700 local Montana employers who are Montana Registered Apprenticeship sponsors.

Being a Montana Registered Apprenticeship sponsor will provide the opportunity to grow your workforce and train your employees with the skills they need to help your company succeed.

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