As parents to Montana’s future workforce, you want what is best for your soon-to-be graduate. Our state is facing an aging working population who will be retiring from their careers over the next decade. This is an opportunity for our children to step up to take the reins in becoming the next business leaders in our communities.

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry works with employers across the state to offer Registered Montana Apprenticeship programs for those students who choose to transition directly into the workforce after graduation. These programs may well be the bridge between graduation and a career.

Montana Registered Apprenticeship provides on-the-job training, along with college level training instruction to ensure participants are fully prepared to enter a new career upon completion of their instruction. In addition, apprentices begin as full-time employees and begin earning income from their first day of training. Certain professions require Montana Registered Apprenticeship participation before applying for a professional license in Montana.

Once apprentices complete their trainings with an employer, they are issued the nationally recognized Apprenticeship Completion Certificate from the Montana Department of Labor & Industry with their competencies. This certificate carries the same weight as a diploma.

As Montana’s workforce continues to adapt through the years, Montana Registered Apprenticeship will continue to be an important avenue for preparing students who want to join the labor force immediately after graduation.

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