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Logging your hours is an essential component of any successful apprenticeship. At the time of your registration, you were given a copy of an hourbook. Below are formatted hourbook templates for further logging of hours. Daily hourbooks track your hours for a given month. Monthly hourbooks track your hours for a given six month period of time.

To view or download an hourbook, simply click on the appropriate link below.

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Apprentice FAQ

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  • Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship! 

    First, contact your State Apprenticeship Specialist to obtain the paperwork for an official Apprenticeship Completion Certificate which you will need to either 1) apply for your journeyman's licensing exam or 2) receive your Journeyman's Certificate for your occupation. If you, or your employer, don't know who that is, please contact the Helena Office at or 406-444-4100. 

    Your Specialist will be expecting your documentation (hour books, school certificates) to prove you've satisfied all of the apprenticeship requirements. This paperwork and hour books must be signed by your Program Master or Employer who says you are competent to take the exam or complete your apprenticeship. 

    There is one more step for licensed trades:

    For Electricians and Plumbers - head to your board's webpage ( Electricians here and Plumbers here ) and click on the "apply for a license" button. You will need to set up an account if you haven't already and you will need to upload a copy of your completion certificate to illustrate that you have completed an apprenticeship. Contact your Apprenticeship Representative with questions.

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