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The key to the success of the Montana Registered Apprenticeship program is the stakeholder partnerships between public, private and tribal organizations, education institutions, unions, and businesses across the state.

Montana Registered Apprenticeship is proud to partner with 788 employer sponsors statewide. Of those, 601 have active apprentices as of November 2019. There are over 1,000 occupations that are recognized as being apprenticeable. Currently, a majority of apprentices work in traditional trade occupations. However, apprenticeship opportunities are continually expanding and diversifying. Montana has recognized apprenticeships in a variety of areas, including advanced manufacturing, healthcare, information technology, energy, and master brewing.

The Montana Registered Apprenticeship staff coordinates with higher education institutions to develop and deliver the required education component of an apprenticeship. Our staff will assist a sponsor in finding the appropriate partner to deliver the necessary 144 hours per year of college-level instruction.

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Independent Electrical Contractors 

Montana State University - Northern

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